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Fernando Torres Will Regret His Decision To Leave Liverpool and Move To Chelsea

Fernando Torres had stated that he left Liverpool to play the Champions League but after another disappointing night for both Torres and his new club, the dream of Champions League football seems to be fast fading.

There is no doubt that Liverpool could not offer Torres what he desired atleast for another season, he craved UEFA Champions League football.

At first I thought he had made the right decision to move to Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea looked to have a good chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

But two pathetic performances have put Chelsea in fifth and if there is no improvement in performances from the team they very well could be playing Europa League football.

If the last two games have showed us anything it is that Torres has made a huge mistaking in leaving Liverpool.

Liverpool are right now a team that is on the ascendancy while Chelsea are in free fall.

Ever since Kenny Dalglish took over, there has been an improvement in Liverpool’s form and they are playing good, exciting football. They are upto 6th in the league and if Chelsea continues to slip up like this they will be breathing down Chelsea’ neck.

Under Dalglish Liverpool are no longer playing negative football and they are playing positive, attacking football. Dalglish has succeeded in bringing the best out of his players and in Torres’s short stay under Dalglish there was an obvious improvement in his performances.

He scored three goals and looked sharp when in front of goal. But when Torres has played for Chelsea and Ancelotti, the Chelsea coach has struggled with his tactics and his team has looked devoid of creativity.

Ancelotti has been unsure of how to use his three strikers, Anelka, Drogba and Torres and with his all his experimentation the side has struggled. The midfield looked clueless and despite all the possession his side enjoyed against Fulham, they were unable to convert it into substance.

At Liverpool, Dalglish has succeeded in bring the best out of Raul Meireles and Liverpool have thrived. Before Torres left, Liverpool signed the prolific Luis Suarez from Ajax. Suarez has already made an impact with a couple of encouraging performances that included a goal on his debut.

Dalglish has a history of forming great striker partnership and many felt that Suarez and Torres would be another great pair.

But Torres chose to leave Liverpool and now he has to play at Chelsea were the coach struggles to form the right combination with his strikers.

Torres has struggled this season and although his performances improved before his transfer he was on no way back to his best.

Chelsea bought Torres for 50 million and so the fans will be expecting him to deliver the goods immediately and ensure that Chelsea qualify for the Champions League.

Torres will have pressure at Chelsea to perform something he didn’t face at Anfield. At Liverpool Torres was a crowd favorite and despite his indifferent form, he always had the backing and support of the fans.

Unless Torres can prove his worth to the fans at Chelsea, he cannot expect that type of treatment from the fans.

Torres’s transfer was reminiscent of another great player who moved to Chelsea to become another Roman’s expensive toys, Andriy Shevchenko.

Shevchenko just like Torres was signed by the owner and manager. Shevchenko was one of the world’s best forwards before he went to Chelsea. The same applies to Torres.

One can only hope that Torres can salvage his career before it’s too late.

Torres might have thought he would be doing wonders for his career if he moved to London but instead now all he has done is take a step backwards.


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A huge Arsenal fan but love great football and basically am a huge football fan. The reason is because of their style of football that is so pleasing to see and so easy on the eye. Hate Chelsea, Manchester City because of their route to success.


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