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5 Things Barcelona Need To Do Right To Turn It Around At The Nou Camp

Arsenal surprised everyone with their performance in the first leg of their Champions League tie with Arsenal. The Gunner’s superb comeback from 1-0 down has put them in te box seat to go through to the next stage of the competition. Here’s how Nara can turn it all around in the 2nd leg and progress through to the Quater Finals.

  • Find a solution to Jack Wilshire – Wilshire was on the top of his game. He had Xavi and Iniesta in his back pocket which is not good for Barcelona. They need to find a solution to him. If he runs the show again in the next leg, Barcelona are gone for sure. Probably have someone man mark him so that he could not cause much problems. Barcelona already handled Fabregas well.
  • Always keep a striker on the pitch – Why on Earth would you take off David Villa when you are just 1-0 up. For one, he is a deadly goal scorer and two; his work rate is very high. How many times did he run to the other end of the pitch to get the ball back? You want such players on the pitch and not off it.
  • Get Puyol fit for the return leg – The defensive shape was not good during the goals conceded. Puyol’s leadership was missed and he would be very pivotal when Arsenal come to Camp Nou. Arsenal are good on counter attack and with Alves’ tendency to push forward and leave gaps, Puyol cleverness is needed to take care of that hole.
  • Be positive – 2-1 result away from home is a good result. Need just 1 goal and they are good. All of a sudden, it would Arsenal who would need to fight for their lives. And if Barcelona can score early, even better. Pep needs to take a cue from the way Manchester United beat Arsenal last time around – by tilting the pitch. Djourou was poor but he would be expected to be better again. Clichy and Koscielny can be targeted in the return leg.
  • Hope that referee decisions go their way – Messi’s headed goal was definitely onside and should have been allowed. 2 away goals would have made tons of difference even if the result was 2-2. Arsenal fans always crib about referee decisions not going their way, but this game was one where a very important one did go their way and things could have been so different had it not.

    Prediction for the next leg: 2-0 Barca



One thought on “5 Things Barcelona Need To Do Right To Turn It Around At The Nou Camp

  1. I’m not even sure they need to remember 5 things. One simple rule will suffice.

    Don’t lose focus.

    They were comfortable until they decided to take off Villa and took their foot off the gas.

    All the same, neat article.

    Posted by Brad Joy-Clavis | February 21, 2011, 7:35 am

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