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25-21: Ranking Football’s Top 25 Players on Twitter

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Welcome to the modern-day world of Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live and the internet – the world that the generations of tomorrow will spend every day of their lives in. And already, it’s a reality.

Twitter is viewed almost 3 billion times a day by a community of 106 million twitter accounts that sends 55 million tweets a day, almost 640 a second. Many accounts and tweets, of which belong to the subject of football.

Footballers around the world regularly tweet, often to an audience of millions of fans all around the world from Bombay to Barcelona. Take England captain Rio Ferdinand for example. The defender has over 530, 000 followers and counting but is still barely popular, compared to Real Madrid duo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, who both have a whopping 2 million followers each.

But it’s not just players who reap the benefits of Twitter, it’s also the fans – who are able to constantly interact with their managers, players, directors, journalists and owners. And aside from that, fans can also hear the individual opinions of players, rather than just hearing directly from the club manager or captain.

However, Twitter can certainly be a hassle for clubs when their players get the sudden urge to go and criticize their coaches, referees and club administrstors. And yes Ryan Babel, I’m talking about you.

Here are 25 of Football’s Finest on Twitter, ranked by the amount they post, and chosen by their reputation among the footballing community.

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25. Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso is one of the many Real Madrid players who have joined Twitter in recent years.

The Spaniard often tweets about his side’s preparation before games, as well as using applications to tell us where he is almost 24/7. A couple of months ago, Alonso would have been a lot further up this list but unfortunately in recent months he has stopped tweeting regularly.

Stats Corner:

Recent Updates (Per Day) 0.25

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24. Diego Forlan

Uruguay and Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Forlan joins the list at Number 25.

Forlan has never been a huge tweeter but every now and then comes out with a special treat in Spanish for his 950, 000 followers. The Uruguyan is also one of the footballers who often uses his account to promote his personal website.

Stats Corner:

Recent Updates (Per Day) 0.28

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23. Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta is the first of a few Barcelona players in the list to join the Twitter community.

Iniesta tweets almost twice a week in Spanish to his 750, 000 followers on the site. But like Forlan and Alonso, the Spaniard uses the tool very little but is still a hit with those in the Twitter community.

Stats Corner:

Recent Updates (Per Day) 0.44

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22. Darren Bent

Darren Bent is the first English tweeter to feature in the list so far.

The Villa striker has had an account for quite some time now but has never quite been able to tweet on a daily basis to his 90, 000 followers – many of who he gained after his move from Sunderland to Aston Villa in January.

Stat Corner:

Recent Updates (Per Day) 0.51

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21. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is perhaps one of the finest young strikers of today with supreme skill and deft touch. The Argentine joins our list at number 21, for the odd tweet every few days about his family and his interaction with Atletico fans.

The striker has over 400 000 followers currently but it will no doubt earn more as he grows out of the Atletico shirt and moves to the EPL.

Stats Corner:

Recent Updates (Per Day) 0.58

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