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Round The Table Debate: Did Poor Refereeing Desicions Ruin Barcelona vs Arsenal?

Massimo Busacca is a murderer! Although not in the whole he killed a man way. He is a murderer of football matches. He took what was a fantastic match between the two best passing teams on the planet and turned it into a crime scene because of his ridiculous sending off of Robin-I’m-always-injured Van Persie.

After the murder there was only outcome. A Barcelona win. Arsenal’s chances of progressing were laid to rest when RVP was sent off. Two goals were banged in because you simply cannot last chasing Barcelona for the ball with eleven men, let alone with ten.

Busacca the criminal also made a few more questionable calls throughout the match. In the first half Barca should have been awarded a penalty when Abou Diaby fouled Lionel Messi in the box, something the whole stadium saw, but conveniently not Busacca. Also, Eric Abidal should’ve been sent off or at the very least given a yellow card when he grabbed Robin Van Persie by the throat after a tackle on Jack Wilshere in the first half.

Massimo Busacca killed what was the most widely-anticipated tie, not just match, in a very long time, and because of this he is a criminal. A bounty should be placed on his head for anyone who finds him, but whatever the price it will never cover the cost of Arsenal’s exit from the UEFA Champions League.

So thank you Murderer Massimo, for ruining all the fun for not just Arsenal fans, but football fans around the world.

First published on Adrian Meta’s blog – Xavi’s Through Balls


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