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The Japan Earthquake In Pictures

On Friday Afternoon disaster struck, in the form of an earthquake in Japan, one of the largest ever, reaching 8.9 on the Richter Scale.

At least 10,000 people are dead and thousands more missing after a tsunami with 30m high waves, caused by the earthquake. The drama has continued with the possibility of a nuclear meltdown being considered after parts of a plant in Japan exploded. So far there are only a few reported cases of small radioactivity on human life.

Officials say there are likely to be many more victims, with more than 500 people unaccounted for in the area.

The Cray Column puts it’s heart out to all people affected by the Earthquake and wishes them all the best for the rebuilding process ahead.

We also hope that the death toll stays as low as possible.

We also encourage all of our readers to get behind the cause and support Japan during this tough time with any kind of donation.

If you’re are worried about a loved one contact us and we can put you on to the right people. We are all in this together.

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More coming shortly.

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