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An Open Letter to Kenny Dalglish

First of all, I hate writing this. It’s as if I’m questioning Kenny Dalglish’s football knowledge. But this has just gone on far too long. I have to say something.

Kenny, what are you thinking putting Joe Cole in the Liverpool team and in the starting lineup for goodness’ sake?

He must be performing phenomenally in training because he hasn’t come close during matches.

His only somewhat decent performance as a Red came as a substitute appearance in the New Year’s Day victory over Bolton at Anfield. But in his numerous starts at Liverpool, in the Premier League or Cup games, he has not done anything to merit a spot even on the Reds’ bench.

You have numerous options in the reserves, plenty of quick, attack-minded players with great ball skills, and somehow, someone who hasn’t had anything resembling good form for the last two years is above the likes of Dani Pacheco and Raheem Sterling in the pecking order?

I really can’t take it anymore. If I see Joe Cole on one more Liverpool team sheet, I might just lose it.

I know that if you had been in charge since last summer, instead of those unfortunate six months with Roy Hodgson, this 29-year-old making £90,000-a-week wouldn’t be our problem. Alas, that just hasn’t been Liverpool’s luck of late.

But seriously man, you’ve got to stop feeding his ego. Cole has seen his performances this season, so he’s got to know they’re not very good. Even Maxi Rodriguez, in spite of that astonishing miss at Stamford Bridge, is a better option than Cole. At least Maxi can keep up with the run of play.

Sir Alex Ferguson knows Michael Owen isn’t the player he once was, so he doesn’t play him. In fact, he probably only signed him out of spite for Liverpool. But Manchester United have a much deeper squad, so Owen is a luxury they can afford to have.

Not the same for Cole. Liverpool can’t carry dead weight, and all signs point to Cole being sold (or given away) in the summer. But playing him is the last way to shop him around to potential buyers.

The Reds are already suffering because of his wages; there’s no need to make us watch him play as well.


About Neri Stein

I'm a fan of just about any sport, but I am particularly passionate about Liverpool FC, the Florida Gators and Memphis Tigers. Other than them, I'm a big fan of Andy Roddick and Rafa Nadal, Tim Lincecum, Michael Phelps and any US Olympian. I'll watch/read/write about just about any sport, and I could talk about nothing but sports all day. I also write for Bleacher Report, Examiner.com and Myloveforthegame.com


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Kenny Dalglish

  1. Never heard of ‘form’ or ‘match fitness’, Joe Cole is probably Englands most naturally gifted player, sure his form hasn’t been great for us but form is temporary, class is permanent. He just needs time to settle in and a run of games to get his match fitness back and he will come good.

    Posted by Chris White | March 19, 2011, 10:25 pm
  2. Must admit Joe Cole is past his best now and glad he didn’t go to United.

    Posted by Michael Dawson | March 19, 2011, 9:44 pm
  3. agree JC has 2 make way 4 younger talent. I remember Henry hinting once dat last summers transfer policy was a joke.

    Posted by William Welsh | March 19, 2011, 9:41 pm
  4. Well Apply for the managers job yourself, you seem to know better than anyone in football FFS.

    Posted by Tru fan | March 19, 2011, 9:14 pm

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