Controversial Content Policy

The Cray Column’s content policy as it applies to controversial topics:

• Published content must be relevant, thoughtful, properly sourced and sensitive to the subject matter, especially when addressing potentially controversial topics

• Controversial topics include: Death/tragedy, race, sexual innuendo/orientation/allegations, criminal allegations, unsubstantiated legal/criminal claims.

• The Cray Column does not report on topical news that does not involve sports personalities

• The Cray Column does not draw parallels between real-world events—especially tragedies—and sports to try to capitalize on traffic opportunities

The success of the Cray Column model revolves around giving readers what they want in real time, capitalizing on breaking stories and events in the sports world. But that pursuit of breaking information can never come at the expense of good taste or journalistic integrity.

The Cray Column wants your powerful opinions on the stories that readers care about. We want you to be proud of the platform where your stories are featured.

We’re doing everything within our power to evolve the model so it will continue to feature the most diversified array of powerful voices on the web.

We are are working hard every day to make The Cray Column something we can all be proud of.



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